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The Govanstowne Business Association (GBA) was established in 1980 as one of ten Retail Business Districts throughout the City of Baltimore.

The GBA district boundaries include businesses that are in the area that extends from the city/county line to 43rd street, along the York Road corridor. A portion of the mandatory Retail Business District License (RBDL) fees paid by the businesses to Baltimore City are provided to the nine RBDL districts, to be used for business promotions, to encourage shopping and for part-time staffing. Each district’s Board determines the use of these RBDL fees, so business input is requested, and participation is encouraged, in order that all voices are heard.

Merchant Spotlight

EJJI RAMEN Ejji challenges the typical ramen restaurant by taking a responsible approach to business and making sure our dishes use the freshest, highest quality ingredients in a fun, loud setting. Our communal style and open, casual spaces offer surprises at every slurp.


  • GBA Meeting

  • GBA Meeting

  • GBA Meeting

  • GBA Meeting

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Neighborhood News

York Road Commercial Revitalization Planning Team announces a Request for Proposal for the York Road Corridor