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Merchant 311

Important Phone Numbers for Businesses
If you are not sure which agency to call for assistance – contact the City’s One Call Center by dialing 311 or
(443) 263-2220.

Emergency (Service and Phone Number)
To receive assistance from medical, fire or police personnel for an immediate life threatening situation 911
Gas Leak (410) 685-0123
Poison Control Center (800) 222-1222
Public Assistance (410) 361-4600
Clogged storm drains, flooding, open fire hydrant, water service or sewer complaints and other water related matters (24 hrs.) 311
Snow Removal 311

Permits (Service and Phone Number)
To apply for General Services Permits (410) 396-3704
To apply for Special Events Permits (410) 396-3704
To obtain City Public Works Permits (410) 396-6865
To obtain Food Permits or vendor license (410) 396-3787
To obtain Park Permits (410) 396-7946
Building Permits & Code Enforcement (External Link) (410) 396-3360

Sanitation (Service and Phone Number)
To have graffiti removed from public areas 311
Sanitation enforcement 311
Rat Rub Out 311
Environmental Crimes Unit, to report illegal dumping (410) 396-4707

Street Repairs and Services (Service and Phone Number)
Complaints about Alleys, Side-walks & Roadways 311

This Code Enforcement Pamphlet was created by the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) to educate business owners on the most commonly cited code violations.

This database contains the most typical Baltimore City permits and licenses that a business may require. Other city, state or federal permits or licenses may also be required.

Please note that the trash generated by our small businesses is scheduled for pickup twice each week. The east side of York Road is scheduled for Tuesday and Friday pickup, and the west side is scheduled for Monday and Thursday pickup. Each business may place up to 80 gallons of waste (four 20-gallon trash cans). Please place your business trash out on the street the morning of trash pickup, in proper rat/dog/bird-proof containers, not just in plastic garbage bags. If you must place the business trash out the night before, please make every effort to properly contain the trash in a tightly closed trash can. Businesses generating larger amounts of waste must arrange for private collection and disposal of their waste. Please do not use the street corner cans along York Road for your business trash. Overflowing trashcans are not a welcoming sight for our community! If trashcans are full (or overflowing!), please help by calling 311 with the address of the trash can location.

Get rid of that illegally dumped trash! Before your property is cited for illegal dumping, call bulk trash at 311.

Every month, Baltimore City residents and business owners can place up to three items out for collection. One day per month is set aside for this collection. Just call 311 and tell them your address, telephone #, and what 3 items you need picked up. Call the City 3 or more working days before your scheduled date. Your bulk trash day remains the same as in 2005 (reference: west side of York is 4th Wednesday of each month, east side of York is 3rd Thursday of each month). Please confirm your day by calling 311.

As the leaves fall, please take responsibility of cleaning the leaves on the sidewalk near your business. Beginning in early October, Baltimore City sanitation crews will start picking up bagged leaves on the second trash collection day of the week for Baltimore businesses. These collections usually continue through January. Please remember to:
• Use clear or labeled bags.
• Do not blow leaves or place bagged leaves in the public right-of-way (violators will be cited).
• Do not rake leaves into the gutter (violators will be cited)

The Department of Transportation would like to remind businesses that during daylight hours, snow should be cleared from sidewalks within 3 hours from the end of a storm. Failure to comply may result in a $50.00 fine. Also, please clear storm drains to facilitate proper drainage.